What are you doing to facilitate the safety of your guests and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With case numbers down in the area, we are not requiring any specific measures from our guests.  Hand sanitizing and social distancing are recommended.  Please do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, or have had recent exposure.

Is it scary?

Fear is a relative thing. We make our best effort to get everybody but we also try to make sure that if you don’t get scared you will still have fun. Some advice: If you come into a haunted attraction determined not to get scared, you probably won’t. Relax and enjoy the show. Also, if you don’t scare easily, bring people with you that do. Half the fun is hearing your friends scream.

If I am in line at closing time will I still get in?

Yes. The ticket booth stays open until the advertised time. The attraction stays open until all ticket holders have gone through the haunt.

When are the best days/times to come?

The crowds will be biggest on Saturday nights. Your wait will be shorter early in the season and on the Sundays and Thursdays we are open. The last hour of any given night is usual a great time to minimize your wait.

What is a Fast Pass?

A Fast Pass allows you to skip the general admission queue line and greatly reduce your wait. Fast Passes are popular on Friday and Saturday nights, especially later in the season. You may purchase a Fast Pass at the ticket booth when you arrive or on our web site. There are a limited number of Fast Passes available each night.

Will I be touched?

While the inhabitants of the attraction will never purposely grab the patrons, you may encounter more subtly or indirect touch, and who knows what you will bump into in the darker areas. There are moving props and animatronics that you may come in contact with.

How long does it take to go through?

The travel time though the attraction will vary depending on the pace of your group but typically takes about 20 minutes.  If your group is moving slowly and the group behind you catches up, feel free to offer to let them pass. If you catch up to a group, slow your pace, or ask if you may pass.

Should I bring my kids?

While our attraction is not recommended for young children, we leave this decision to the parent or guardian. Keep in mind that we do not tone down the show if a child is in your group. We do not allow children to be forced to enter the attraction against their will. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Carried infants/toddlers are not allowed for safety reasons. Ticket price is the same regardless of age.

How many people do you put in at a time?

We try to limit groups to no more than 6 people to ensure a good show.  There is a maximum group size of 8 to ensure safety. We try not to mix groups together but may put smaller groups of 2 or 3 together when we are busy.

I have a health condition. Should I go through the attractions?

Participation at FrightWorks is not recommended for those who have heart conditions, are pregnant, have asthma, are epileptic, or have other physical or mental health conditions that could be aggravated by a frightening environment. Stobe lights and fog machines are in use.

What if I get too scared to finish going through the haunted house?

Notify an actor that you do not wish to continue.  They will pull you aside and call for an manager to escort you out who will  then proceed to make fun of you in front of your friends.

Do I get a refund if I am too scared to finish the haunted house?

No. You paid us to scare you, and that’s what we did.

Is your attraction open if it rains?

Yes, this is an indoor attraction.

Do you have a concession stand selling food and drinks?

We host a concession stand with hotdogs, popcorn, drinks, and other treats. We are located next door to Bojangels and there is Aubreys, Wild Wing Cafe, and Freddy’s just down the road. We may have food trucks on some nights.

What happens if I hit or grab an actor, take a prop, damage a scene, bring a weapon in, or come through the attraction intoxicated?

You will be having a very intimate conversation with the police officer on site.

Are your attractions handicap accessible?

We make every effort to make our attractions handicap accessible and have visitors in wheelchairs every year. There may be a scene or two that a person in a wheelchair will need to bypass. Because of the nature of the event, crutches are not allowed in the attraction.

Can I wear a costume to your attraction?

Many guests visit FrightWorks on their way to or coming from a costume event.  Costumes are welcome but masks covering the face are not allowed.  Please leave any loose accessories/props in your car.

I have a talent for scaring people. How do I become part of your Fright Crew?

FrightWorks is always on the lookout for talented people to join our Fright Crew. Take a moment to apply here, and we will follow up with details about getting involved with FrightWorks.

If we have not answered your question here please feel free to contact us.