Entity Containment Facility #67

The unremarkably named VAULT 67 is one of many secure containment facilities located around the world with the dire purpose of securing entities, artifacts, and creatures that are too dangerous to let roam among humanity.  The facility uses both ancient magics and state of the art technology to trap, contain, and monitor its collection.  The power and threat of each entity/item varies and a variety of containment techniques are utilized.  Most can me housed in simple titanium and crystal cases reinforced with runic spells.  Other, more powerful entities/items require more elaborate containment.  These restless entities require environments that not only secure but also distract and placate their occupants to make them more manageable.  These containment zones recreate environments that are familiar for its residents allowing for less confrontation and hostilities.  VAULT 67 consists of several of these zones.

Even though you will be in proximity to some of the most dangerous and horrifying entities in the known universe, visitors to the facility are guaranteed a safe and comfortable observation of the inhabitants with no risk to your well being.  Nothing can possible go wrong.


Tickets may be purchased online or at our on site ticket booth.
Cash as well as credit/debit cards are accepted.


Times listed indicate ticket booth operation.
Attraction will operate until all guests in line with tickets are served.



One Giant Haunted House with Multiple Terrifying Fright Zones

When autumn winds begin to wail, I come to tell a ghastly tale.  It is again that time of year, when FrightWorks shows you what you fear.

In darkness we lurk, in gloom and in murk, we’re crafting your fears, here at FrightWorks.

FrightWorks Haunted House in Knoxville Tennessee is one of the scariest, most original, and most theatrical haunted attractions in the Southeast. Thematic and interactive, it engulfs you in a tale of suspense, fun, and fright. Known for high quality acting, detailed sets, elaborate special effects, and engaging story telling, FrightWorks Haunted House is a favorite Halloween season tradition for those looking for a frightful haunted adventure in East Tennessee.

As the most popular haunted attraction in Knoxville Tennessee, FrightWorks offers a thrilling, fun, and safe way to celebrate the Halloween season. Young and old will all enjoy one of the scariest and exhilarating experiences of their lives at Frightworks Haunted House. FrightWorks caters to Knox County and all of East Tennessee including Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Maryville, Seymour, Seiverville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Talbot, Morristown, Karns, Farragut, Clinton, Halls, and Powell.  Open every fall in October for the Halloween season, and for special events before Christmas and Valentines Day.