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"I don't use the word perfect lightly but believe me when I say that Frightworks may be the perfect haunt." - Constantine's Haunt Reviews

"GOBLINHAUS visited FrightWorks tonight and it was FANTASTIC! The scenes were great and the actors were even better. If you haven't been yet, you need to go!!! Great job!" - Kara, Goblinhaus


"The special effects. .the makeup..the actors..pretty friggn awesome! ...worth every penny and then some."- Travis

"Very Awesome! Very Scary! You guys just keep getting better every year!" - Doug

"Awesome! Amazing job! Great actors. The professor at the beginning was Oscar worthy. So well put together and decorated and just top notch! Very very scary!! We loved it!!! Thank you!" - Stacey

"AMAZING!...just went last night - too many good things to say: so creative, good story line, everyone stayed in character, the detail in the costume, the actors!" - Ginger

"So awesomely wicked! Good job!" - Charlie

"Absolutely loved it!:D Really scary! I love the theme too! Best haunted house I've ever been to!" - Lindsey

"Thanks for the great scares last night. Fantastic show!" - Smurph

"i made it out tonight and it was awesome. i'm hard to scare, but i was screaming the whole way! i even held onto a stranger for comfort. lol." - Gothic Faerie

"It was awesome guys!! You did a good job :D Looking forward to next years" - Collyn



Article in The Daily Times

Star 102.1's Kim Hansard experiences FrightWorks

WBIR's Scarin' Erin visits FrightWorks

Dr. Bass visits FrightWorks

Darin; Erin rides the Hellevator


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FrightWorks Haunted House in Knoxville Tennessee is one of the scariest, most original, and most theatrical haunted attractions in the Southeast. Thematic and interactive, it engulfs you in a tale of suspense, fun, and fright. Known for high quality acting, detailed sets, elaborate special effects, and engaging story telling, FrightWorks Haunted House is a favorite Halloween season tradition for those looking for a thrill in East Tennessee.

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